How To Choose An Emergency Dentist

At Vanguard OnCall Dental Urgent Care in Derry NH, we know how crucial it is to choose an emergency dentist that you’re comfortable. In order to help you out, our team has put together a list of questions to ask yourself before you commit to one practice or another. Check them out below!

Questions To Ask

  1. Is my emergency dentist a specialist? There is a clear cut distinction between clinics that help with emergency situations, and practices that fully specialize in emergency dentistry. Though the emergency dental section of your regular dentist’s website might comfort you, these practices often have strict hours and long wait times. At our practice, which specializes in emergencies, you can avoid these hurdles.
  2. Is my emergency dentist close? Distance is another factor to take into account. In an emergency situation – especially one that is painful or uncomfortable – you want a dentist you can reach quickly. Always take into account how far you will have to drive before you commit to a practice. We are conveniently located in the Derry NH area and serve patients in Londonderry, Salem, and Chester.
  3. Is my emergency dentist reliable? A team of professionals, including kind, informative receptionists, educated hygienists, and a knowledgeable lead dentist, can make all the difference in both comfort and results. We have been practicing emergency dentistry for years and have helped countless patients.

Vanguard OnCall Dental Urgent Care in Derry NH wants to help you choose an emergency dentist that works for you. Consider us next time you’re researching options for emergency dental care. Patients come to us for toothaches, periodontal services, root canals, and so much more! Walk-ins are welcome! Contact us today.

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