Knocked Out Tooth: The Time Factor

A knocked out permanent tooth is one of the most serious dental emergencies we see, here at Vanguard OnCall Dental Urgent Care in Derry NH. There is a serious time element involved, too. If a knocked out tooth is treated within half an hour, the chances of saving it are very good.

A knocked out tooth is more than just a tooth that has been knocked loose. It has literally been knocked completely out of its socket. Reimplanting the tooth is always the best treatment option, which is why time is such an important factor.

Three Hour Max

The longer it takes to treat a knocked out tooth, the worse the prognosis. If it goes beyond about three hours from the time it was knocked out until treatment, then the chances of successful treatment fall dramatically.

If at all possible, a knocked out tooth should be placed in milk. Milk has the nutrients and PH to preserve the tooth, at least for a little while. Of course, in an emergency you may not have any milk readily available. Placing the tooth under the tongue will suffice.

In the best of circumstances the tooth can be reimplanted, but will probably still require a root canal. The good news is that if it’s treated in time it can be reattached.

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