The Many Possible Causes Of Toothache

Vanguard Dental Group in Derry NH knows how much of a mystery a toothache can be. It can show up unannounced, wax and wane, and, in the worst case, overstay it’s welcome. In order to facilitate a lack of confusion, our dental team has put together a list of the possible causes of tooth pain, so you can stay informed.

The Potential Causes

  • Tooth Infection: If a tooth – or the surrounding gum tissue – is infected, it might be a dental emergency. The ache you are feeling could be the infection pushing on the surrounding areas, which could make it difficult to chew or even smile. An infection could occur due to a traumatic mouth injury, an untreated cavity, or simple lack of dental care.
  • Gum Disease: Though more of a long-term emergency – if you can call anything that – gum disease can still cause intense pain if left untreated. If you see blood in the sink, it’s time to pay us a visit.
  • Tooth Decay: Most dental pain stems from this last cause; if you don’t care for your teeth, infections will develop whether you like it or not. If you find it hard to brush or floss, we recommend setting a timer and adding it to your calendar. Play fun music while doing it. Just make sure to brush fro 2-3 minutes and floss afterwards. The more you do, the less likely you’ll be of winding up in our chair.

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