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Get Emergency Tooth Extraction in Derry

tooth extraction for Derry NH and Salem

If you are suffering from extreme dental pain or sensitivity, you may need an emergency tooth extraction to regain health. While this may seem intimidating, the Vanguard Dental Group in Derry uses modern techniques to ensure your tooth extraction is comfortable. With a simple extraction, our dentists can safely remove the tooth without the need for further surgery.

Reasons for Tooth Extractions

Why might you need an emergency tooth extraction? Some of the reasons for having a tooth pulled include:

  • Advanced gum disease
  • Extra teeth or baby teeth that need to be removed to make way for adult teeth
  • Crowding that prevents health or proper orthodontic treatment
  • Having a fractured or malformed tooth pulled
  • Severe tooth decay that cannot be repaired with restorations or root canals

What to Expect During A Tooth Extraction

  1. The dentist will take x-rays of your tooth and teeth to plan the procedure.
  2. Once your plan for the emergency tooth extraction is created, your Vanguard dentist will apply a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort.
  3. The dentist will use a tool called an elevator to lift the tooth and loosen the tissues around it.
  4. He will use a tool to gently rock the tooth back and forth until it breaks free.
  5. In more complex tooth extraction procedures, we will break up the tooth and remove it in small pieces.

emergency tooth extraction for Manchester NH and Derry

After the tooth has been pulled, we will place gauze into the socket. You should bite down on the gauze to stop the bleeding. You should keep the gauze in your mouth for 30-45 minutes. The dentist may use a few stitches to ensure the socket heals cleanly.

Remember to avoid drinking with a straw, rinsing vigorously, smoking, alcohol consumption, and strenuous activities after your emergency tooth extraction. We will prescribe medication or recommend over-the-counter medications that are suitable to keep you out of pain. To keep swelling down, apply an icepack on the outer cheek near the tooth extraction site.

Eat cold, soft foods and drink lots of fluids. 24 hours after the tooth extraction, you can resume normal brushing and flossing.

If you would like to learn more about how we perform successful emergency tooth extraction procedures at Vanguard Dental Group, or if you are in the Salem – Manchester area and believe you may need to have a tooth pulled, please contact our office in Derry today.

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